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My Name is Marissa McClung, I am a certified Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders Coach, Real Estate Advisor, Broker Associate with Homestead Realty.

As a Real Estate Practitioner, with more than 20 years in the field, I can share from personal experience the stress factors in the industry and how important it is to take care of your mental health.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Hemifacial Spasm, also known as a facial twitch. It is characterized by frequent involuntary twitching of one side of the face. This twitching or spasm usually starts around the eye and slowly progresses to involve the lower face. Muscles in the forehead and neck are usually the last to be affected.

In search for solutions to the stress related condition, I became a certified Mental Health & Behavioral Disorders Coach. What I learned for myself; I now share in the mental health wellness workshops. Stress relievers can help restore calm and serenity to a chaotic life.

Our workshops are done through the process of engaging in creative and fun activities to lower our high emotional state of mind caused by stress or anxiety. Symptoms of stress can look like, headaches, stomach pain, sleeping problems, illness, and depression.  Helpful ways to manage stress can look like, journaling, meditating, exercising, talking to others, or engaging in a hobby.

Be open to new experiences, explore and be curious, get outside your comfort zone. Discover and unleash your creativity by attending one of our workshops today!

Schedule a workshop of your choice, with friends or join our table in a private setting. Our popular workshops are, succulent design, inspirational vision board, jewelry design and painting.

Our team building workshops are great to inspire your business team or church group! For our front-line Heroes, we have a special workshop just for you, please call for details.

Find the force that fuels creativity within you, once that happens, create the masterpiece you were meant to be!

Peace & Love,

Marissa McClung

Certified Mental Health & Behavioral Disorders Coach, Real Estate Advisor, Broker Associate with Homestead Realty

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